The Business Of Well Being

What we can offer you.

Constant Catering Services can offer you a range of quality flavoured, quick and healthy meals that will not only transform your body, health and wellbeing, but will help boost morale and have you feeling energised. This can be whether it is to lose weight, maintain weight, gain muscle or simply to improve your overall health.

We appreciate that everyday life can be busy and dedicating time to prepare healthy meals for the week can be challenging, so we are here to do it for you!

How it works:

You can choose meals from our menu plan or you can choose to build your own meals tailored to your own needs, whereby you can choose your protein, carb, veg and seasoning.

We use freshly sourced ingredients and make everything on the day, ensuring the highest quality and the freshest taste.

Breakfast Meal Plan

Banana Protein Pancakes with mixed berries and honey.

Greek Yoghurt with oats and fresh fruit.

Boiled eggs with avocado and wholemeal bread.

Overnight Oats with Peanut/Almond Butter.

Sardines on Toast (wholemeal bread).

Crumpet with streaky bacon and roasted tomatoes.

Lunch Meal Plan

Chicken, Rice & Asparagus.

Steak, Avocado & Quinoa Salad.

Jerk Salmon with mixed salad & Sweet Chilli Dressing.

Greek Couscous Salad.

Cauliflower rice with Chargrilled halloumi & Sweet Potato Wedges.

Tuna Steak with cucumber & roasted red pepper salad.

Dinner Meal Plan

Steak, Sweet Potato Mash & Tender stem Broccoli.

Chickpea Curry with Rice and Green beans.

Falafel & Noodle Salad.

Salmon, Rice and Green Beans.

Peri Peri Chicken with Penne Pasta & roasted veg.

Turkey Meatballs with Whole-wheat Pasta & Mixed veg. 

Build Your Own Meals


Chicken Breast / Beef Steak / Salmon / White Fish / Tuna / Turkey Meatballs / Halloumi


Basmati / Brown Rice / Sweet Potato / Sweet Potato Wedges / Sweet Potato Mash / New Potatoes / Egg Noodles / Penne Pasta


Mixed Veg / Green Beans / Broccoli / Asparagus / Spinach / Kale / Cauliflower / Courgettes / Sweet Peppers / Cabbage


Garlic Butter / Cajun / Jerk / Peri Peri / Sweet Chilli / Honey & Mustard